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You can charge the products with a USB-C charging cable.

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You can charge the products using a USB-C charging cable.

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The quality of the Yuoto brand is reliable


There is a huge selection of Yuoto brand products, both in terms of capacity and taste





Its flavour is sweeter than other brands.


An absolute crowd favorite brand

Original Products

We only sell original products from the manufacturer.


We recommend it to everyone who is entering the world of e-cigarettes for the first time.

About our e-cigarette shop

Ezigi Market - The innovation of smoke alternative

For over 4 years, we have been at the forefront of the e-cigarette market, starting with Yuoto, then expanding to Beco and Waka brands. Every year, we participate in the largest e-cigarette expos to offer the latest and most innovative products. Our range focuses on the highly popular, compact, and disposable vapes, also known as vape bars, which are the fastest-growing segment in the market. We only carry the highest quality products, featuring mesh-coil technology for an exceptional experience. We guarantee fast shipping and flawless product replacement, thanks to our excellent logistics partners.

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faQ about E-CIGARETTes

Differences between e-cigarettes and vapes

How does an e-cigarette differ from a traditional vape device?

E-cigarettes are generally simpler and smaller, while vape devices come in various types and sizes with different features and settings.

Which device is safer?

Both devices can be safe if used correctly. It is important to choose products from reputable manufacturers and follow the user manuals.

Health questions

What are the long-term effects of using e-cigarettes?

The long-term effects are not yet fully understood, but e-cigarette use is considered less harmful than smoking.

Is an e-cigarette a better choice than smoking?

E-cigarettes can be a less harmful alternative to smoking, but the best choice is a nicotine-free device.

Usage tips

What flavours and nicotine levels are available?

A wide range of flavours and different nicotine levels are available, so everyone can find the right fit.

How to choose the right e-cigarette kit?

Consider your usage habits, nicotine needs, and choose a kit from a reputable manufacturer.

Quitting support

Does an e-cigarette help in quitting smoking?

E-cigarettes can help in quitting smoking by providing a less harmful way to intake nicotine.

What alternatives are available for nicotine-free transition?

Nicotine-free vapes and gradually reduced nicotine products are available for a complete transition.

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