Waka is similar to Yuoto, we were among the first to bring its large puff products to Europe. The Waka brand was one of the first to use a double mesh-coil boiler in their products, thus extending the life of the product and improving the quality of vaping. Discover the future of vaping with Waka vape’s cutting-edge products.

WAKA Vape: Peak Flavor and Vapor Experience

WAKA vape devices deliver the highest level of flavor and vapor experience, with outstanding performance and sophisticated technology. Experience the pinnacle of the vaping world, where every puff is filled with full intensity and enjoyment. The innovative double mesh coil technology ensures that each vapor cloud is accompanied by exceptional flavor and density. Discover a new dimension in vaping with WAKA, where the experience exceeds all expectations.


WAKA SOPRO features a digital display providing real-time feedback on both liquid and battery levels. Equipped with a dual MESH-COIL setup, it offers the option for a boost mode, intensifying flavor and vapor production. In normal mode, the device ensures extended longevity, while the boost mode enhances performance at the expense of shorter battery life.

WAKA Dual Mesh 10,000

WAKA Dual Mesh 10,000 offers the largest capacity of 10,000 puffs, featuring dual indicators for easy monitoring of liquid and battery status. With its dual MESH-COIL configuration and boost functionality, it delivers significantly enhanced flavor and vapor intensity. However, opting for boost mode may shorten the device’s overall lifespan.
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