Yuoto was the first brand we started distributing in Europe years ago, we can confidently say that we were among the first.
Yuoto does not disappoint, its small puff products have become real audience favorites. Its flavors are stronger compared to those of its competitors, and we recommend it especially to those who want to switch directly from analogue cigarettes to disposable e-cigarettes. It is important to emphasize that in terms of price-value ratio, what we offer is currently the best. Discover the world of Yuoto vape, where every puff brings a new sensation.

YUOTO 1500 NICOTINE FREE – The Nicotine-Free Experience

The YUOTO 1500 NICOTINE FREE is currently our sole nicotine-free product, soon to expand. Featuring the unique flavor of double apple, it offers an unparalleled experience, with more variations coming by the end of March.

YUOTO FOX 3000: The Unique Vape Experience

Setting itself apart from typical vape bars, the YUOTO FOX 3000 comes with 4 paper filters included in the packaging. These filters enhance the flavor and vapor, providing a more pleasant experience. Ideal for IQOS users, it offers a hygienic and flavorful vaping experience.

YUOTO 3500: The Apex of Innovation

Resembling the Elf Bar in appearance, the YUOTO 3500 boasts 9 different flavors. Its use of MESH-COIL technology distinguishes it, delivering outstanding vapor production. Renowned for its reliability and affordability, it sits among the bestsellers. The YUOTO 3500 introduces a new dimension to the vaping world, sure to captivate users.
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